I already play other Vampire games; why should I play this one?

  • It's growing, and growing fast! Over 3000 players and counting. Get the chance to be an early adopter!
  • Here, you can fight, farm, buy properties and enter fishing tournaments.
    You can also
    mate (!), train your HellHound, or go on quests.
    You get the idea: it's
    multi layered and you won't get bored playing anytime soon.
    At some point you can even  become a
    drug runner for the rest of the players; a whole new game within the game!
  • Again, it's completely FREE!
What is Forsaken clans? Why should I join?

What makes it different from other online browser based games?
  • It's FREE
  • It's NOT on Facebook
  • It's NOT Zynga
  • It's ADULT ORIENTED; you can act and talk like a grown up. Curse all you want!
  • It was created by a player for other players, just for fun, NOT to make money.

Need more reasons to join this FREE Vampire game? Read on!

The best, free, Werewolve vs. Vampire game online: Forsaken Clans

Forsaken clan is a browser based online game where you can choose to impersonate a Vampire or a Werewolf, grow your character, join a clan, battle other players and socialize with members of your clan.
So, who runs the game?

Repo, the creator was a Zynga game player and once tried to point out weaknesses in their games. They told him if he didn't like it, he should just go ahead and make his own game; SO HE DID.

Repo is always available and anybody can contact him at anytime; he even gives his personal email address on forums! He welcomes any kind of feedback and is entirely dedicated to the game, and the players.

Most of the rest, forums, how-tos, etc is maintained BY THE PLAYERS! This is how great the game and its community are! Not only can you play the game, but you get to help it grow!